Five science accounts to follow

So we’ve recently done a 5 women you have to follow on Twitter, so now we’ve decided to change it up with some 5 science accounts that you should follow on Twitter. Some serious, some not, all are all excellent in their own right!


No “who you should follow” list is complete without NASA. Must we say more? They tweet out cool things relating to their missions and their future projects as well as some amazing images captured by their technology. They also have a snapchat if that tickles your fancy.
Then there is of course NASA’s voyager 2. It was launched in 2012, and the account sometimes posts stuff that’s both poetic and kinda weird, which is great,

Also follow @NASAVoyager for less frequent but more human-sounding mission updates.

(NASA also has a whole bunch of accounts for their different missions and crafts, go search and you shall find.)

2. Tiktaalik roseae @Tiktaalikroseae

With the world of social media becoming more and more accessible, even a 375 million year old fossil fish from the Canadian Artic can get on the fun.

Tiktaalik roseae, who is also known as the “fishapod”, provides us some insight to when fish first ventured onto land.

3. Neil Degrass Tyson @neiltyson

The man is a living science legend, and in between beef with rappers and tweeting about space. He is a great addition to anyone’s newsfeed


The WETI institute is a great spoof of the SETI institute, it’s hilarious and a great way to get some science in your day without being too serious about the whole thing. Then of course also follow the SETI institute because they’re always posting good stuff.

5. Phil Plait @BadAstronomer

Phil Plait blogs at Slate on astronomy and bad science. Most of his tweets are in depth and spacey, and there also some awesome space pictures.


So check them out and have yourselves some sciencey fun!!


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