So, maybe you don’t want to be in STEM – That’s cool too!


We here at Whatthetechh understand that not everyone is inclined to pursue a carreer in STEM, and you know what, that’s okay too!

So we want to provide a catalogue of thing to watch for people, who don’t really want to become experts in the field, but just want to know a little more.

Enjoy: (there are a number of super cool videos here for anyone who just wants to learn about the weird and the wonderful) (another place to just learn some more about science and the way that things work) (a great podcast about the myths that surround science (absolutely amazing podcast about a range of different science topics, make yourself smarter and more knowledgeable, while also having a great time) (A website that can keep you up-to-date on scientific innovation and discoveries, also available as a mobile app) (another website that will provide you all kinds of news on what’s happening in science and the world – it also is an Aussie based site, so what could be better?) and (reddit is a treasure trove of information, knowledge and content, we could spend forever just linking you to various sub-reddits, but we’ll let you guys do the exploring)  and (TED Talks are great and we know it, there is nothing better, so here are a bunch about science, enjoy!)

So we’ll leave it here for now – we’ll keep updating as we find more and more so keep an eye out for this page, you never know what might pop up. This focuses mostly on science and technology, but soon we’ll be adding more for maths and engineering!

Tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter and comment down below which you enjoyed the most.





3 thoughts on “So, maybe you don’t want to be in STEM – That’s cool too!

  1. bytheirsideblog says:

    What a great blog! I love ASAPScience and VSauce. Such great resources for science newbs like me. I don’t know much about science but these youtube channels have taught me so much. Thanks Whatthetechh!


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